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Get Emerging Market Processing Rates For Propane Companies

Are you a propane company trying to save money of your merchant account fees? There is a little known fact that Visa allows a special rate for propane companies. It is called the "Emerging Market" rate where Visa allows for certain types of businesses to qualify for this special rate. Most propane companies and dealers have never heard of this special rate. Along with the "Emerging Market" rate your merchant account should be set up on Interchange Plus vs Tier pricing This way you can take full advantage of both programs and reduce your merchant account fees.

If you have a merchant account set up today, your statement will show “Emerging Market” next to your detailed fees. The challenge you may have is that your current processor may not have you set up with the correct Merchant Category Code (MCC)or their merchant statement does not show you the detail. The only way for you to verify that you are receiving this special pricing is for you to see these remarks on your statement.

If you would like to learn more how to take advantage of Visa Emerging Market processing rates or Interchange Plus vs Tier pricing please visit us at GDpay. Our website is set up to be an instruction guide for merchants to obtain valuable information about merchant processing.

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