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AltTextGDpay Sales Department (888)-600-2602 ext. 101 Support ext. 102

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Help Desk
Our highly trained staff of customer service professionals is available to assist you with any of your questions and concerns. Our staff continuously provides the highest caliber customer support for all of our merchants.  At GDpay, we recognize the importance of a technical support department that is responsive to your needs. We understand that timely, correct answers to technical questions, setup questions, even simple "How do I..." questions are paramount to achieving maximum success with any business application. Customer Support for transaction, terminal support, statement/billing questions, operational problems or instructions please contact our hotline help desk (open 24x7) are as follows:  

Have your merchant information available before calling to streamline your call. If you need a PIN encryption GDpay's # is

For MID's starting with 628
Vantiv- 530476
TSYS- 5B0482
Paymentech- B0056E
For MID's starting with 832
Vantiv- FFFF530485
Paymentech- FFFFB0874E

Equipment can be ordered from from POS Portal or Tasq Technologies.

Help Desk /Tech Support- 800-228-0210 

Help Desk/Customer Service- 800-858-1166
Voice Authorizations- 800-228-1122

Help Desk- 800-647-3722

Help Desk- 800-346-3315
Buypass Help Desk- 800-733-3322

Memphis Help Desk- 800-238-7675
Help Desk- 877-274-7915
Voice Authorizations- 800-762-6663
First Data
Chargeback Department- 800-672-5007
Chargeback Department- (Fax) - 402-933-1673 
Chargeback Department- 866-637-5467
Help Desk- 800-552-8227


First American Payment Systems
Paymentech Terminal Support- 844-876–4064
Voice Authorization- 844-309-7601
Chargeback Department- 800-701-2831 ext. 3301 option 4
Chargeback Fax- 1-817-317-9106

Voyager- 800-987-6590
Wright Express- 800-492-0669
Broken Equipment-888-600-2602

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Virtual Terminal Support/Equipment

(877) 828-0720
(877) 447-3938
PayTrace (888) 806-6545
E-Processing Network (800) 971-0997
Orbital Gateway (866) 645-1314
iTerminal (800) 503-1132
T-Gate & Bridge Payments- (866) 322-9894
Dejavoo Systems
- (877) 358-6797
USAePay- (866) 872-3729
Instant Accept- (855) 220-2840
Verosa- (888) 758-1878
Clover- Omaha (844) 864-5449 or North (844) 864-5450

is a family owned debt free Merchant Provider that is committed to helping merchants navigate through the market place to find the most intuitive processing solutions.  Since 1996 we have helped thousands of merchants with credit card processing.

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