Submit An Application Or Update Your GDpay Merchant Account

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Now you can upload all your documents securely to GDpay quickly and easily.  Either select file or drag and drop file in grey window and your document will be automatically transferred.

If you are uploading multiple documents make sure that each one is completely uploaded before adding additional forms.
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To update your account please download the appropriate PDF form and have the person who signed on the original merchant application sign it.  You can either upload the form found above this box or fax it to 1-888-324-8814 or email it to  All changes can take up to 5 business days.
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    To update your banking information please complete the attached ACH Authorization Form.  Your merchant # can be located at the top of your statement.  Please make sure that the person who signed on the original merchant application signs this form.

    *Please include Copy of Voided Check  (If check doesn't have business name printed on it then have your banker write a letter on bank letterhead stating you have opened a new business checking and confirm business name, account, and routing number).  Make sure the banker signs the letter.

    NOTE: This will update your VISA/MASTERCARD/DISCOVER deposits ONLY if Amex does separate deposits in your bank account. If you would like your American Express deposits updated please call 1-800-528-5200 and have your 10 digit SE# available.  Also if your using a third party gateway or any other service make sure to contact them as well.
    First American/ Paymentech accounts-MID's start with 628 or 832
    CardConnect Accounts- MID's start with 510 or 496 or 912
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    To update any of this information on your account please fill out the attached form. NOTE that if your Legal name has changed and you received a new EIN # from the IRS we will need another merchant application due to the new IRS reporting laws.
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    If your canceling your account please let us know if there is anything we can do to keep your business. Cancellations received after the 20th of the month will be canceled the following month. All fees must clear the account before your account will be closed. Please make sure you understand the Terms & Conditions.  Also make sure that the person who signed on the original merchant application signs this form.  

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