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Seamless Quickbooks Credit Card Processing with GDpay

Integrated to QuickBooks® Pro, Premier, Enterprise, Accountant, POS or Online versions

Save on Processing Costs
-Process Credit Cards in Real-Time
-Multiple Invoices per Customer Transaction
-Pay Invoices, Statement Charges and Sales Receipts
-Monthly Billing of Invoices and Statement Charges
-Store Credit Card or ACH transaction data

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The PCI Compliant vault system enables merchants to securely store credit cards and checking information for all their customers. Easy to add and manage, merchants can save as many payment methods as they want for each customer. Merchants can finally increase their PCI Compliance with no additional software, expensive security databases, hardware and technical programing. Storing customer data locally at the merchant level securely and meet PCI Compliance can be very expensive. The PCI Compliant Vault system is a secure, PCI Compliant way to do store data at no additional cost to the merchant.

is a family owned debt free Merchant Provider that is committed to helping merchants navigate through the market place to find the most intuitive processing solutions.  Since 1996 we have helped thousands of merchants with credit card processing.

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