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Complete POS System With CRM, Inventory Management & Marketing. With simple addon's via app store.

Clover Is An Innovative Cloud Based POS

-Inventory Management
-Easy interface that allows sales, voids and refunds
-Labor reporting
-Real time reporting with Customer Database
-Marketing with Rewards & Gift Cards
-Customized receipts
-Supports restaurants, retail and other service business

Labor Reports

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Time keeping

Automate clock-ins and clock-outs with fewer mistakes and greater accuracy.

Labor optimization

Track labor as a percentage of sales to ensure proper staffing and higher profits.

Employee tracking

Know who's doing what on registers and identify errors before they become problems.

Productivity reports

See who sells what. Reward your most productive employees and trainer your least

Customer Rewards Program

-Easy built in interface without extra cost

-No apps, cards or getting phone #'s
-Track customers by email or credit card
-Built in CRM
-Real time reporting with order history
Marketing made easy…

-Take orders from anywhere in your store
-Print customized tickets
-Store customer information
-Bar code scanning
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is a family owned debt free Merchant Provider that is committed to helping merchants navigate through the market place to find the most intuitive processing solutions.  Since 1996 we have helped thousands of merchants with credit card processing.

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