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Reporting and Accounting Software Integration

There are many different accounting softwares in the market place today. Working with smaller merchant we find that the majority of merchants are using these accounting softwares such Quickbooks® or PeachTree® software. So does this mean you have to go to Quickbooks® (Innovative Merchant Services®) to get a merchant account to process credit cards within Quickbooks®. Not unless you want to pay a premium to run your transactions. If you have read our education page then you know you can setup with an Interchange Plus pricing program and still have the capability to run transaction within Quickbooks® with using the EPN plugin within Quickbooks®. This works great because now you have the best of both worlds, seamless integration and lowest pricing. Our QuickBooks plug-in will save you money compared with Intuit® credit card processing services.

Allows merchants to consolidate their Internet, Mobile, and Point Of Sale credit card and check transactions together with the software most commonly used to run a business, QuickBooks® Accounting Software.

You can select Invoices and Enter Payment Amount To Apply. Process Real-Time Credit Card and Check Transactions Using Each Merchant's Own Merchant Account.

Offers real-time credit card and transaction processing from within QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier And QuickBooks® Enterprise, allowing merchants to process transactions and apply open invoices in one easy step.
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-Utilize your existing processor relationships to process credit card and check transactions from directly within QuickBooks® Pro, QuickBooks® Premier And QuickBooks® Enterprise solutions.

-Apply payments to open Invoices

-Integrate internet, POS, mobile and recurring transactions processed through eProcessing Network directly into Quickbooks®.

-Supports the MagTek USB MagStripe reader for swiped rated.

-Safe, Secure utilizing one merchant account for all sales types.

-Access all the reporting and detailed features of QuickBooks® Accounting Software for all your transaction history

is a family owned debt free Merchant Provider that is committed to helping merchant navigate through the market place to find the most intuitive processing solutions.  Since 1996 we have helped thousands of merchants with credit card processing.

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